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Never Again: The Prestige Oil Spill

Sixteen years ago today, an event occurred off the shores of Galicia that hopefully will happen never again. In fact, the event spurred a grassroots movement called Nunca Máis (Never Again). That event was the environmental catastrophe of the Prestige oil spill.

Exemplary Women of Galicia

As a way to differentiate Galician identity from Spanish, Galician nationalists often argue that their society is or has been matriarchal, distinct from what they view as a male chauvinistic Spanish identity. While the veracity of that claim is debatable, women have certainly left an indelible mark on Galician history, culture, and society.

Regions of Galicia

As you leave Madrid and traverse the Castilian meseta, dark-blue mountains rise slowly before you. John Barlow wrote in Everything But The Squeal that when you cross these mountains you cross not only a geographical boundary but also a cultural boundary. Beyond lies Galicia, a land of dualities. Sea and land. Coast and mountain. Village and city. Sun…

Ramón Cabanillas

[poetry] Ramón Cabanillas (Cambados, Pontevedra) was considered the link between the Rexurdimento and twentieth century modernism in Galician literature.

A Miracle of Saint James

‘This man who comes here with us–rise to your feet and greet him warmly, for the Apostle has performed a most marvelous miracle for him, saving him from the gibbet where he had been hanged.’