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Top 5 Galician Beaches

My favorites are the wild beaches of the Coast of Death and Rías Altas. However, all of Galicia’s majestic coastline is represented below in my top five Galician beaches.

Top 5 Galician Festivals

There are so many festivals in Galicia that you could spend an entire year going to a different festival every day. Gastronomical, religious, traditional, historical, agricultural–you name it, they celebrate it. There are festivals celebrated only in a small village and ones that are celebrated in all of Galicia and Spain. These are my five favorite Galician festivals.

Top 5 Galician Drinks

From a flaming spirit to ward away evil spirits to a world-class wines, Galician libations are top-notch and diverse. These are my top five favorite Galician drinks.

Top 5 Bars in Galicia

I have not been to all the bars in Galicia. That would be impossible since Spain has the second highest number of bars per inhabitants. I have been to a number of bars in Galicia and have made a purely subjective list of my top five favorite Galician bars. Have you been to one on the list? Do you recommend another?

Top 5 Galician Foods

FOOD DEFINES A PEOPLE PERHAPS MORE THAN ANYTHING. More than song, dance, festivals, literature, or even geography. You are what you eat. And in Galicia they eat well. Better than Spaniards. The best food in Spain can be found in Galicia. Full stop.