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The Werewolf of Vilarello de Donís

from Galicia Encantada, edition by Antonio Reigosa. Story collected by José María Carricoba Armesto Translated from Galician by Seth Brooks Long ago it was common to keep servants in one’s home to assist with daily chores and labor.

Trevinca, in pictures

The Trevinca area includes not only the highest peak in Galicia but also the most glacial lakes on the Iberian peninsula outside of the Pyrenees.

How to avoid joining a procession of tormented souls

Useful advice in the event you encounter the Santa Compaña in the Galician countryside. Keep this manual handy if your stroll is between 9 PM and 10 PM or between midnight and 1 AM, depending on which Galician you ask.

O Teixadal de Casaio, in pictures

O Teixadal de Casaio is the second largest and most western yew forest in Europe. It is nestled in a valley in the Serra do Eixe, with Pena Surbia rising behind it. The highest mountain in Galicia, Pena Trevinca, is nearby.

A Santa Compaña, the Night Ones

Hiding is impossible. Whoever comes upon it joins the mysterious following; at that moment, the end of his or her life is near.