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Never Again: The Prestige Oil Spill

Sixteen years ago today, an event occurred off the shores of Galicia that hopefully will happen never again. In fact, the event spurred a grassroots movement called Nunca Máis (Never Again). That event was the environmental catastrophe of the Prestige oil spill.

Sargadelos, Time, and Space

Sargadelos, espacio y tiempo was originally published on the blog by Javier Cañada on 26 August 2014.

Don Ramón Otero Pedrayo and Galicia: An Outsider’s Appreciation

Don Ramón Otero stands out rugged as the northern coasts, poetic as the mist-swirled rías, undaunted as the wave-swept promontories of his gallant land.

The HMS Serpent, famous victim of the Coast of Death

Surely its notoriety reaches further back in history, but the events of the night of 10 November, 1890, have given the Coast of Death a singular event that encapsulates its infamy and danger.