Our Language

Our Language
by Eduardo Pondal (1835-1917)

Noble and harmonious
language of Breogán
good language, of the strong,
great and unrivaled;
you always sound
in the ears of the Celt
as the pine-trees sound
on the coast of Froxán;
you, in Celtic fields,
one day will be
a sacred labarum
guiding us to triumph,
noble, harmonious language,
language of Breogán!

You will be the mysterious sign
of your sons,
scattered over the world
and shelterless;
and all those who were
in a past age
defenders of their fields
against the harsh Roman
and who still long
for the freedom of their land,
you will unite
as a noble, strong, brave people,
O harmonious language,
language of Breogán!

You will be an epic clarion,
unrivaled in power,
calling to the sons
who are beyond the River Miño,
the good sons of Lusitania,
brothers separated
from us by a fatal,
envious destiny.
With your strong, splendid tones
you will summon them,
word of the great Camões,
language of Breogán!

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