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Teresa Moure

[prose] Teresa Moure is one of Galicia’s most accomplished writers. She is the author of five novels, the most famous of which is Black Nightshade, which received numerous accolades when it was first published, including the Xerais Prize for best novel.

Marilar Aleixandre

[prose] “I use the Galician Language as a literary language because I have a forked tongue, however not all the creatures with a forked tongue are bad. I think that all stories and poems are messages written in ink, spittle or blood, that we throw into space wishing that somebody receives them.”

Memories of a Country Boy

Xosé Neira Vilas passed away on 27 November. He was a celebrated Galician writer that wrote about many themes but in particular two constants of the Galician experience: village life and emigration. The following is an excerpt from the novel Memories of a Country Boy.

About Oneself

Excerpt from the novel About Oneself by Ramón Otero Pedrayo, published in 1930 in Galician

The Red Stockings

by Emilia Pardo Bazán (b. 1851 in A Coruña; d. 1921 in Madrid), was a novelist, journalist, essayist, critic and scholar from Galicia that wrote in Castilian Spanish and Galician.