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Top 5 Galician Foods

FOOD DEFINES A PEOPLE PERHAPS MORE THAN ANYTHING. More than song, dance, festivals, literature, or even geography. You are what you eat. And in Galicia they eat well. Better than Spaniards. The best food in Spain can be found in Galicia. Full stop.

Some are spicy . . .

EVERY SUMMER IT’S THE SAME. The heat arrives and it is the struggle of the peppers, spending two months eating one variety or another for each meal because you can not give up peppers. They are the best. I care a lot about peppers. You should care about them. Choose one pepper and stick with it.

Tarta de Santiago

THE TARTA DE SANTIAGO is the most famous dessert on the Way of Saint James and of Galician cuisine; you can try it in any city, town, or village in Galicia.