Cambados, in pictures

Cambadesa / por te ver / pasei o mar de Cambados / a piques de me perder.

Cambados, upon seeing you, I passed through the sea of Cambados and almost got lost.

As the popular folk refrain illustrates, Cambados is a pretty seaside town where you can lose yourself strolling down its cobblestone streets or lazily drinking albariño by the glass. The town is the de facto capital of the Rías Baixas wine region. Albariño wines from this region are internationally popular; when one thinks of Spanish white wine, albariño is the first to come to mind. Cambados embodies its celebrated wine as its golden stone buildings match the golden tint of albariño. The town is also an excellent place to indulge in Galicia’s delicious seafood; a plate of mejillones al vapor (steamed mussels) fresh from the ría pairs wonderfully with albariño.

Ramón Cabanillas, the poet son of Cambados, toasted its wine heritage and beauty in his poetry. Sit on a bench in the shady park along the seaside promenade and read his poetry. The Pazo de Fefiñáns is also a tranquil setting to contemplate Cabanillas over a glass of albariño or espadeiro.

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