Xosé Lodeiro

Xosé Lodeiro (Vigo, 1930-1996) was a Galician painter. Like many Galicians in the 20th Century, he emigrated to other countries before eventually returning to his native Vigo. In 1994, Lodeiro was awarded the Premio da Crítica in visual arts.

THE DEEP IMPRESSION the years living as an emigrant left on Lodeiro is reflected in some compositions whose subject makes a direct reference to it. An example is Return of the Emigrants; a beautiful work defined by a shape that, far from responding to a faithful representation of nature, shows an absolutely particular interpretation of the painter’s reality. Also extraordinary is the artistic formula of reproducing it on canvas, based in the deliberately rigid organization of juxtaposed scenes perfectly differentiated. This is an imagined landscape, romantic, a game of visual arrangement produced by the effect of lines, geometrically round masses, and large human figures, closer to sculptural ideals that pictorial. The color palette is extremely warm. The painter achieves the perspective and volumes using optical gradation of color bands.

Text translated from Fundación María José Jove.


“The color was not chosen for its effectiveness, it arose from the testing process, and perhaps error, as the best way to portray the painted surface as solid and vacuous: look at the royal dance as the circles, triangles and squares become an agressive light.

But they need the willingness to accept them on their own terms as wholes. Otherwise they become fully visible red, green, or blue boxes, and maybe you do not even like those colors. But so far I do not feel any desire to change color: my reds give me the space of a square, the plane of a global space.

Text from lodeiro.org

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